Oceanside Initiatives Reopening Protocol

Building Access

Entry and Exit

All entrance traffic will use the North door and exit through the South door. All visitors will register with reception upon entry to the building and reception will be notified when visitors have left. All deliveries will be contactless and left in the waiting area inside the North door. There are to be no more than twenty (20) people in the facility at any time.


Signage at the South door will direct people to the North door for entry. Signage at the North Door will indicate entry and delivery zone.


Hand Sanitizers will be available inside the North and South doors. Door handles will be wiped down with spray sanitizer after each entry and exit.


Workplace Operations

Remote Work Schedule

All employees may work remotely with the proviso that they adhere to a schedule where there are no less than two paid employees on site during normal office hours.

Shift Flexibility

All employees may alter their shifts to reduce the number of employees in the building at any given time provided they adhere to a schedule where there are no less than two paid employees on site during normal office hours.


All meetings of more than two people will be held using "Teams, Zoom or Facetime" When necessary, one-on-one meetings will be held in the Meeting room "A" and will be sprayed and sanitized after each meeting. All other meeting rooms are off limits until further notice.


Credit, Debit and E-transfers will be the only accepted forms of payment until further notice.



Workstation Tools and Equipment

Employees should use their own equipment (Pens, Staplers, Electronics etc.}. Minimize the number of people using previously shared office equipment or other items (photocopiers, coffee machines, microwave ovens, etc.). Shared equipment should be cleaned and disinfected after each use. Visitors requiring the use of a pen will be provided a new pen and be invited to take it with them. If it is not taken it will be disposed of.

Workstation Distancing

Employees will work one employee per office. Office space will be off limits to visitors and staff. Signage will be placed on doors to indicate private office.

Service Counters

Reception will only interact with visitors through plexiglass area. Open service window will be off limits and signage will remind visitors to stay behind glass to speak with reception.

Directional Pathways

Foot traffic flow by employees and volunteers will be from South to North.

Cleaning & Hygiene

Cash registers, Debit/Credit Card processor and telephones are to be cleaned using a sanitizing spray every two (2) hours. Service counter and common surface including door handles and display racks will be sanitized using a sanitizing spray and cloth after each visitor.


Communal Spaces

Communal space is defined as the bathrooms, the kitchen area, the meeting room, waiting rooms, hallways and storage & printer room.

Access & Egress

Allow communal doors to remain open throughout the workday to reduce contact with door handles. Garbage cans for disposing of sanitizing wipes will be available at entry and exit doors. Arrows taped on the walls will direct traffic flow.

Inter-Office Traffic

Employee movement to and from communal space will be communicated through Teams chat function to limit crossover in hallways and spaces.


Washrooms are for employees only. One employee only in staff washroom or kitchen area. No more than two employees in meeting room.


Employees are encouraged to take lunch outside when possible or at their desk. Refrain from providing and consuming communal foods.


Cleaning & Hygiene

Dishes & Utensils

Employees are to bring their own dishes and utensils and keep them with their personal belongings near their workstation.



Delivery Zone

The delivery zone is defined as the area in the outer vestibule of the North door. Wherever possible (i.e. no signature requirement) contactless delivery will be requested to maintain physical distancing requirement (e.g., delivery person leaves packages in a pre-arranged location).

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